About me

Hello, thanks for visiting my personal wiki. My name is Yiren (Aaron) Zhao.

I am a computer scientist, a Machine Learning researcher, and an ordinary coder.

I am also

I also hold some other positions including

The best way to reach me is email: a.zhao@imperial.ac.uk

My research focuses on the intersections between hardware, algorithms, and security in the Machine Learning world. I am generally interested in making Machine Learning systems fast, reliable and efficient. Some of my research topics include

  1. How do novel hardware architectures improve the efficiency of running ML workloads?
  2. How to tweak current ML algorithms to make them more efficient on today and future hardware systems?
  3. ML security-related topics with a hardware spin.
  4. What should the next-generation data-orientated learning system look like?

See advice for students (this includes internships, undergraduate or master projects, and PhD applicants), and information for collaborators, if you want to contact me for study or collaborations.

Short Bio

I am an Assitant Professor at Imeprial College London, Prior to that, I was a Junior Research Fellow at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. I had my PhD studies at the Computer Lab of the University of Cambridge, supervised by Prof. Robert Mullins. I finished my MPhil degree from Cambridge and was supervised by Prof. Robert Mullins as well. Before that, I obtained my Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng degree from the Imperial College London with my final two years supervised by Prof. George Constantinides. During my BEng studies, I was tutored by Dr. Papavassiliou.

I review for several hardware, system, and machine learning conferences, including ICLR, ICML, NeurIPS, CVPR, etc.

I was a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship at St John’s College, the University of Cambridge in 2021, and was awarded as an Apple Scholar in AI and ML in 2020.